Summer: Typical summer where the sea can all, in a sea really clean because far from Factories elements and pollution 

Spring, and 'this is the best time to hear the true scent of nature, 
the hills are colored in yellow for the almond bloom of the "Macchia meditarranea" and 
peach blossom mixed with the salty taste of the sea, offer the possibility of large 
walks nela fragrance of the maquis. 
And 'why not! For the more daring any chance of bathing. 

Winter: With its mild climate that equates to California, our beautiful province 
offers the possibility to stay away from snow and gales. 

The period before Christmas, there are many events that alieteranno your stay. 

Fall: This is the period of metamorphosis over the area offers the sight of visitors, 
nature is transformed, and the trees and the sea changes color to view 's eye, giving him 
who knows how to enjoy peace and tranquility.